Advanced  Utility  Locating  Services, LLC

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Advanced Utility Locating Services has over 19 years experience in Utility Locating and over 17 years of Subsurface Utility Engineering experience.   With our vast knowledge of utility locating and problem solving skills we are able to give the horizontal location of buried facilities which help in avoiding costly repairs and injury to personal.  We work closely with clients to reach our ultimate goal: budget and schedule.

When locating the utility is not enough,  we are able to expose the utility using non destructive vacuum excavation.  We gather critical information that Engineers and Designers use to determine if a utility is in conflict of a proposed design.  With exposing the utility we are able to get the size, material, condition and depth of the utility.  All critical information when determining whether a utility needs to be relocated or adjusted.
So if you need utilities located on your next project, give us a call.  We'll be there to help.


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Services Offered


Subsurface Utility Exploration

Utility Designation   Pipeline Surveys  

Utility Surveys     Vacuum Excavation   


Laredo- Loop 20- Potholes

McAllen- SH 365- Designation and Potholes

Houston- East Water Purification Plant- Potholes

Houston- Intercontinental Airport- Designation

Houston- Hobby Airport- Potholes

San Antonio- Mud Creek- Potholes